JMAX Indonesia has truly deep understanding concerning Indonesian Cultures as well as Japan. Our core members have more than 10 years of experience in HR field, providing service to Japanese companies.

                                  The founders of our company are Indonesians who lived in Japan for more than 15 years. They received scholarship from Japan's Ministry of Education (Monbukagakusho) and accomplished their formal education at University of Tokyo and Osaka University.

                                  They also have particular working experiences in Japanese companies such as NHK, Fast Retailing and Toyota.

                                  CONTACT INFO
                                  • Address: Sahid Sudirman Center 56th Floor
                                    Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 86 Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
                                  • Phone: +62-21-8063-1805/06
                                  • Fax: +62-21-8063-1807
                                  • Email:info@jmaxindo.com
                                  • OUTSOURCE YOUR HR WORK TO US
                                    YOUR SUCCESS
                                    OUR SUCCESS
                                  • WE DO: RECRUITMENT / OUTSOURCING / HR TRAINING / HR RESEARCH
                                    FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS
                                    Smart companies outsource their HR tasks and projects not for the sake of saving their HR budget, but in order to get years of HR expertise from experienced organization to handle the work.
                                  • ELITE FINDS ELITE
                                    Leverage our network of top-class human resources,
                                    that will be the engine of your company's success.
                                    – Prieka Khusnul Khatima M. Eng, President Director

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                                  We are HR professionals with more than 10 years experience eager to work with you and take your business to the next level.


                                  Our experienced consultants will help you discover the best talents within our unique network across ASEAN and Japan.


                                  Let us take care the administrative work of your short-term and long-term employeee, so you can focus on how to leverage your employee's talents.

                                  SALARY RESEARCH

                                  We can provide salary survey service for certain positions to help you design your HR salary budget to become competitive enough compared to other companies. Contact us to get free survey samples.

                                  PSYCHOLOGY TEST

                                  We can provide your company with a comprehensive psychological test for your employees. This will help you understand the ability of your employees and their hidden potentials.

                                  PROBLEM SOLVING TRAINING

                                  A productive employee are those who can discover and solve problems on their own. We can provide you with a training that is being used by company such as Toyota and JMAX internally.

                                  EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT

                                  Having an employee satisfaction research done by a third party, is the key to make sure that your employee feel safe to give you an honest answers. Let us do the research for you.


                                  Business operation is about spreading message corrrectly across our company. We can assist you translating your precious documents into English, Japanese or Indonesian.


                                  Our experienced interpreters are ready to assist your business. Most of them has living experiences in the country of their second language. Let us help you with your important meetings and business negotiation.

                                  COMPANY ESTABLISHMENT

                                  Planning to enter Indonesia? We can help you setup your company and find your first employeee. Contact us for more details.


                                  Discover the best talents with us!

                                  JMAX Indonesia recognizes that companies are constantly looking for qualified people who will be assets for them. On such concern, we will assist you in finding talented employees through our meticulous screening stages, starting from shortlisting candidates from our database and other networks, proceeding with tests and interviewing them to ensure the company and the candidates are compatible to work together towards the similar goal and under the same company culture.

                                  Our payment/charge will be applied after the processed candidates join the company. We additionally offer guarantee period for evaluation and a free of charge replacement fee in the event of resignation during the guarantee period.


                                  Keep your business running smoothly.

                                  We provide short and long term outsourcing services for both white and blue-collar workers. We can offer customizable outsourcing service to your company according to your requirements, thus allowing you to use the time previously spent on handling payrolls, social insurance and administrative works on the development of your core business strategy.

                                  Our clients are ranging from IT companies, to whom we provide IT engineers and consumer product companies, whose warehouses are managed by us.

                                  Call now at +62-21-8063-1805/06 and get our competitive quote!

                                  We truly care about our clients' success.

                                  Drop us a line via this message form!

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                                  Address: Sahid Sudirman Center, 56th floor, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 86 Jakarta 10220, Indonesia Phone: +62-21-8063-1805/06 Email: info@jmaxindo.com

                                  Business Hours

                                  Monday - Friday: 9am to 6pm Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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